Water Reed Thatching Guidance (pdf)
Water Reed Thatching Guidance from East Anglian Master Thatchers Association

RSPB - 'Broads Vision' (pdf)
The RSPB vision for the future of the broads

Norfolk Reed - 'Roofing Today' (pdf)
A guide to the benefits of thatching with reed

Buying and Selling Reed (pdf)
A description of reed qualities

Reedbed management for bitterns (pdf)
Habitat Management Information

New Wetland Harvests (pdf)
A look at the use of new technologies in fen management

The Reed - 2009 Rewrite (pdf)
A completely updated version of the original "The REED"
River Friend
A series of books by Tina Bone and Dr Sylvia M Haslam

River Friend Book 1. Drying Up
What is the worst that can happen to a river? That it vanishes, and all its life vanishes with it.

River Friend Book 2. Stream Story 1
A riveting riverscape - River Brue, Somerset.

River Friend Book 3. A Prologue to the River Friend Series
Aquatic plant identification and a glossary of terms. PDF

River Friend Book 4. Interpret: What do Plants tell us?
Can you determine the health of a stream or river just by looking at it?

River Friend Book 5. Reed - On the Edge
The growing Phragmites (common reed), an intense and continuing, silent, struggle for existence ...

River Friend Book 6. An Indtroduction to THE WATER FRAMEWORK DIRECTIVE
The Water Framework Directive is the best shot yet by Europe’s River Scientists to bring order to our waterways. This little book outlines some of the basics in simple language. PDF